Chris BradshawChris Bradshaw is an Executive Advisor for Solutionz and is on the board of Solutionz Holdings. She is also one of our most senior consultants, bringing over 30 years of travel industry and technology experience and leadership ability.   She is one of our most versatile executives who can come in as the COO on complex projects.

She plays the role of Project Director for a wide range of projects in the corporate and leisure travel business practices.  She is well versed in traditional travel distribution, as well as online tools, including booking, mid-office, reporting and analytics. Solutionz has utilized Chris on a consulting basis off and on for more than a decade in between her corporate roles.

In Chris’ time with Solutionz, she has facilitated our hallmark RapidStrategy integrated planning sessions, vetted business concepts for new travel distribution platforms, built sales plans and provided business development and market research for a wide range of companies. Chris is frequently tapped as an interim leader for client companies, leveraging her innate leadership talents.

Chris is also on the board of the Executive Girlfriends’ Group, a women’s networking group founded by Solutionz.

Chris began her travel industry career in hospitality operations, opening hotels throughout Texas and the Caribbean, solving problems and working through challenges on every level of the organization, from people and operations to technology, project and product management. She learned early on that what gets measured gets accomplished and what gets rewarded gets repeated.

Chris was tagged as an early innovator during her tenure with Sabre and became a part of the launch team. Then, stepping out of the comfort of a corporate position, Chris spread her entrepreneurial wings as VP of Marketing and Business Development for an innovative corporate travel solution startup, XTRA Online (later acquired by American Express).

Following the sale of XTRA Online, Chris worked with Solutionz on the launch of for owners, Mandalay Resort Group and Park Place Entertainment.  Following the cutover of the new system, Chris was appointed the President of She saw that company from inception to sale to two years later.

In the nearly 10 years since the sale of, Chris has worked as a consultant and as an investor in early stage business ventures, both in the travel industry and in the online technology and social media arenas.

Chris obtained her MBA from Southern Methodist University and her BA in Philosophy from the University of Texas in Arlington, Texas. She resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband.