John-FlemingJohn joined Solutionz Holdings in 2004 as an executive advisor, bringing his 20+ years of CEO level experience to the company and its client base.

John began his career in banking and later expanded his horizons internationally in management with Caterpillar Tractor Co. where he conducted business in Singapore, Japan, Belgium and the US.

John’s clients in Europe, Asia and North America and have spanned industries from travel to manufacturing and distribution to financial and marketing services.

As a Principal of Indevo AB (Stockholm, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and London) and as a Director of Stanford Research International’s Airline Consulting Practice, John has worked with clients on aligning resources with visions and the development and implementation of marketing and operational strategies.

Accordingly, John’s focus with Solutionz is to help our clients define their ambitions and visions, create the right conditions internally to achieve them and then to develop and implement the tactical plans to facilitate the changes that will realize the stated goals.

John brings hands-on experience as well. As Chief Executive of Air Lanka, he stepped in and guided the troubled international airline to a 40% increase in direct revenue, a 60% increase in productivity, restructured international debt and the organizations global marketing network and in 24 months led the firm to achieve profits for the first time in its 10-year history. This was achieved during a critical period of political and economic turmoil in Sri Lanka.

As managing Director of RCI Asia-Pacific he established the regional headquarters of the world’s largest leisure travel and exchange company, successfully influencing favorable legislative actions and industry led consumer groups that enabled the time-share industry to grow in S.E. Asia.

Through a net work of Asian offices, licensees and affiliates established by John and his team RCI moved from a 33% market share to 95% after three years in the Asia and Pacific Regions. RCI was later acquired by Cendant Corp.

John resides near Austin, Texas with his wife, where he runs his company, Liquid Asset Management, and serves on the several local Boards.