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Chicke Fitzgerald is a strategist and game changer.  She has been called an “Idea Factory.” She has nearly thirty-five years experience in the electronic distribution and marketing fields, with a focus on the travel, transportation and telecommunications industries. She is an investor, author, innovator, keynote speaker and philanthropreneur. Her passions include strategic planning, joint venture partnerships, M & A and in short, connecting people and ideas.

Chicke spent the first half of her career working for industry leading travel distribution technology and telecom companies. She formed Solutionz in 1996 and has a proven track record as a game-changing technologist, creating innovative multi-channel solutions for clients, as well as for her own companies. 

Over the past decade she founded LeisureLogix, Solutionz Media and her latest venture, Solutionz Innovations, investing over $1.2m on her own and raising $6m in investment capital.  In 2007, she pioneered a new technology that shifts the travel booking process from city centers and airports to the place or event where people are traveling. In 2Q15, she launched the next generation of that platform. It will take companies from simply having a Contact Us page to having an intelligent Visit Us page. Think AddThis™ for Travel.

Chicke is a highly sought after strategic advisor to the travel, media and financial services industries. She also hosts a radio show, focused on innovation and growth strategies. She is also an investor in Rich Media Exchange, a company with exciting integrated media technology for the travel and media industries.

In 2016, Chicke is interested in leveraging her experience to join the board of a company that values innovation and thought leadership. She is also looking for partners and investors that share that passion, particularly in the travel and events industries and location based services.

Whether in her own ventures or those of her clients, her business focus is growth – 360-degree growth in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments. Growth is achieved by ditching the status quo and by listening to the front lines. They know the customer. Chicke’s faith and courage is core to her identity, as is giving back and mentoring others to discover their radical sense of purpose.

SITA Senior Director Sales and Marketing

Prior to forming her own consulting firm, Mrs. Fitzgerald served as Senior Director of Sales and Marketing with SITA, a billion dollar telecommunications company based in Paris, France. In this position, she was responsible for launching a new line of business to market an IBM based reservations service to airlines worldwide. Additionally, she led a global task force to develop a plan to re-engineer the company. In September of 1995, following Morgan Stanley’s investment into SITA, Mrs. Fitzgerald was part of a four-person start up team to spin off the Equant group. In that role, she reported to the CEO and President. In that role she was responsible for the successful proposal to American Airlines to outsource its North American network, a transaction valued at $400 million. Prior to deciding to leave to form her own firm, she was offered the role of Chief Information Officer of Equant.

WORLDSPAN – Staff Director Strategic Planning

From 1992 to 1994 she held the positions of Director of Marketing Programs and Staff Director of Strategic Planning with WORLDSPAN, an Atlanta based provider of computerized reservations systems (CRS) for travel agencies and airlines. Her responsibilities included the launch of a new business unit, Transportation Solutions, management of the migration of one fourth of their subscriber base to a new system and international business development. She also acted as business liaison with WORLDSPAN’s owners, Delta, Northwest, TWA and Abacus, a CRS in the Pacific Rim. In her role in Strategic Planning she was responsible for joint venture negotiations with Abacus and Amadeus and as a part of her role, she led the completion of a technical agreement with Abacus and Amadeus, which resulted in the launch of a unique travel agency connectivity product, known as Global Serve.


From 1982 to 1992, Mrs. Fitzgerald held a variety of management positions at AMR American Airlines in their SABRE Travel Information Network division, culminating in a position reporting to the President. Significant accomplishments included the endorsement by the AMR Board of the plan to form a new Latin American division. This followed American Airlines’ acquisition of the Eastern Airlines route structure, for which she was a part of the due diligence team. She was also responsible for the acquisition of the assets of the Capture company, which resulted in the formation of a new division to market a travel and entertainment tracking system for corporations. Mrs. Fitzgerald was responsible for building this division and held the position of Vice President of Technical Services and Client Support, and later Acting President of the division. In her last position as Managing Director of Joint Ventures, she was responsible for all business activities in Central and South America.

Where is She Now...

Mrs. Fitzgerald and her husband Michael presently reside in Tampa, Florida with their son and daughter. Select CONTACT US to get in touch with her.