Chicke_squareChicke Fitzgerald formed her first consulting venture in 1996. MTech Strategies, Inc. provided the operational foundation for T2Impact LLC, a multi-million dollar consulting firm of which Ms Fitzgerald was a co-founder.

In 2004, Fitzgerald decided to sell her interest in the T2Impact brand and focus on the provision of strategic consulting, using the network of resources amassed over nearly a decade.  At that time, the company was rebranded as Solutionz.

In 2006, tapping into her entrepreneurial spirit, Fitzgerald shifted the companies’ primary focus to incubating new businesses, launching LeisureLogix and in late 2007.

During her entrepreneurial phase, Fitzgerald learned a great deal.  Her learnings are documented in her book Bootstrap Business, co-authored with Tom Hopkins (How to Master the Art of Selling), Jack Canfield (One Minute Manager), and John Christensen (FISH!).  

In 2010,  armed with the knowledge gleaned from her incubation work, she  returned to her consulting roots to assist other companies in growing and tacking tough problems, particularly as our country emerged from the economic crisis.

This venture is about the synthesis of knowledge, experience and an incredibly strong network of business partners. Together with an extensive affiliate network of highly specialized consultants, Solutionz delivers high impact business development services to clients worldwide.

In 2012, Solutionz Technologies was formed to build game changing technologies for the life travel market (defined as all travel outside of vacation and business travel).   Its first task was to transform into a platform that could be used by any venue or event category to allow travelers to plan precisely where they need to be, versus having to first find out the closest major city or airport.

In the summer of 2015, Solutionz Technologies will be launching the next generation of intelligent trip planning tools.  Stay tuned.