Brand building and profits used to be sufficient as measures of success.  But more and more CEOs and Board Members that we talk to are asking themselves if that is all that there is.

Solutionz is a global consulting company and technology innovator, but first and foremost we consider ourselves value creators through giving back and through social impact.

We are catalysts for change and we believe that there is more and that you can leave a legacy that lives beyond your current role and your organization’s current impact.

We believe that corporations, entrepreneurs and celebrities can find significance and purpose in giving back, out of their success and even, dare we say, to help lead them to new levels of success.

We are also technology innovators and have a long history of innovation in the travel, mobile, mapping and navigation arenas. We innovate business models, technologies, social media approaches, fund raising methodologies and customer/donor engagement.

We are worth hiring because we know how to create value.  We are a force for positive change and we insist on creating plans that are executable and delivering results that are measurable.

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