Our team brings a very strong work ethic and personal ethics that uphold honesty, confidentiality, trust and respect of others as keys to success.  We promise never to lie, cheat or steal and we will hold our associates and our partners accountable to this ethical standard.  We will say what we mean and mean what we say.


In our business, relationships are everything. Without the support and respect at both a company & a personal level from clients, group associates and industry colleagues, our business cannot thrive.

Guaranteed Business Model

Delivering value to you is paramount to the relationship.  Unlike most consulting firms, we perform the bulk of our work on fixed price projects. We believe in providing you with value, measured by producing agreed upon deliverables, within a specified time, for a contracted price that you can count on.


Our market tested Rapid Solutionz™ Suite provides a structured framework to outline current state, your requirements and your desired state. Through a synthesis of knowledge, experience and a versatile network of resources, Solutionz delivers high impact business development solutions.


Our unique Network of top caliber professionals bring skills from the project team level, all the way up to board level advisors. We can act as a virtual extension of your team, which results in faster implementation and achievement of growth strategies.


Our expertise extends beyond our global Network of associates to partnerships with a wide range of specialty firms that allow us to meet the needs of our diverse client base.