Laura WoodwardFirst starting with an undergraduate degree in psychology then combining 20 years of leadership experience in information technology, Laura has come full circle, realizing that her passion is helping individuals figure out what makes them tick. Laura thrives on helping her clients make more informed choices and discovering firsthand that gaining these insights are the biggest contributor to personal growth.

After being downsized, she began a purposeful journey of career transition. She fell in love with organization development and completed her masters in this discipline at Pepperdine University. She started her own consulting firm, Bitmap Consulting, where—as an organizational development consultant and coach—she uses her integrated experience and skills to help IT organizations adapt, grow and thrive. With a specialty in IT professionals, Laura is committed to creating experiences for individuals that gets them out of their comfort zone in a safe, creative environment with a unique development approach.

Laura leverages her successful career as a leader in both small and Fortune 100+  companies to build a foundation of servant leadership, trust and empowerment and achieves clarity in roles, team structure, expectations and responsibilities.  She integrates excellence into positive systemic change.

After establishing a successful practice of collaborating with all levels of leadership and key stakeholders, she effectively understands opportunities, simplifies the complex, and provides transparency on the vision, strategy and road map for reaching business goals. She facilitates dialogue that enables a safe environment to understand individual strengths, skills and gaps, and the impact on team effectiveness at all levels to create alignment and synergy.

Together with her business partner, Laura created The Disruptive Element™, where she now facilitates purposeful and relevant experiences for personal growth at the individual, team, and organizational level.  

Solutionz is a proud partner of The Disruptive Element.