Norm RoseFor nearly two decades, Norm has been an analyst and consultant focused on emerging technologies and how they impact business practices in the travel industry.

He has an extensive background in online, corporate, hospitality and leisure travel-related technology.  Norm is renowned for his travel technology expertise, particularly his analysis of the impact of emerging trends such mobile and social media.

Norm leads Travel Tech Consulting, Inc., a firm that specializes in developing e-commerce and procurement strategies for all types of travel related technology. Solutionz taps into Norm’s expertise and his deep knowledge of technologies used for reservations, distribution, and marketing on projects involving technology and also for our corporate travel projects.

From 1982-1988, he held sales and marketing management positions at United Airlines and from 1989 to 1995, Norm was corporate travel manager for Sun Microsystems. At Sun, he worked with a number of third-party developers creating software for the business travel market. This included early prototypes of self-booking tools and expense management systems. Norm holds a BS in Marketing from the University of Maryland.

Norm is also the author of numerous publications and articles including Mobile: the Next Platform for Travel (March 2009) Corporate Travel Technology Today and Tomorrow (Fall 2007);  Selling Complex Leisure Travel Online: Focus on Dynamic Packaging Technology (December 2004), Emerging Trends in Wireless Technology and The Global Travel Industry (October 2003) and Corporate Travel: Technology Trends and Market Analysis (Spring 2002). 182_traveltech

Solutionz partners with best in class firms to ensure that our clients have the highest caliber resources for their projects. Travel Tech Consulting is our corporate travel and travel technology partner.