We are Game Changers

If you are happy with the status quo, you are in the wrong place.

Our group is made up of marketing, branding, technology and business development professionals, business leaders and experts in a number of business disciplines.

We have one thing in common. We are all about innovation and changing the name of the game.  

While others may help you play the game, or even to complete, we want to help you WIN and often that requires that you change the rules of engagement.  Like the use of dominos on a chess board, you may have to change up your product focus, shift your approach or modify your business model.  

We can come in on a project basis or we can assemble the world class team to launch a new venture.  At our core is a passion around creating customer-centric strategies that propel you toward living out your brand promises.

We have a proven methodology to get you from idea to execution, from strategy to success.  The process takes just 3 days and it is truly game changing.  It provides a roadmap that is measurable and executable. 

Solutionz starts by listening to your challenges. Out of that, we jointly craft opportunities that will spur your success. Whether your problems are big or small, we knit together a purpose-built team, uniquely assembled to meet your needs. We don’t have a large bench of MBAs waiting to learn at your expense.

Our teams are hand selected, based on your needs. We put together best in class individuals and on larger projects, partner with best in class companies to fulfill your requirements.

We always work on a fixed price. And you have our guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services.

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