No matter what suppliers do or say, consumers continue to use multiple channels for inspiration, education, decision making, purchasing and memorializing their experiences. And no matter what it does to the distribution ecosystem, suppliers will continue to pursue direct connect strategies.

In the travel industry this means trying to bypass what they perceived to be the “high cost” GDS (Global Distribution System) channel.

Solutionz has long been recognized as a multi-channel expert – marrying buyers and sellers. We literally “wrote the book”.

We have long been seen as an expert in the mobile arena and in 2009, we added Social Media and Social Commerce to our portfolio, continuing our focus on the customer at the center of the equation.

We can help with:

  • Strategy
  • RFPs for and integration of GDS bypass/airline direct connect technology solution
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Integrated Marketing Plans
  • Channel Profitability Analysis

The outcome:

An integrated distribution plan that broadens your reach and maximizes your profitability.


Analysis of potential distribution partners Technology and business model expertise RFP Process Management Contract Negotiation Assistance

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