The travel industry has spent the better part of three decades focused on vacation and business travel, as if those were the mass markets.

The truth of the matter is that just 8% of all trips taken by Americans are vacation and just 25% of trips are business travel. The real mass market is the travel that happens for all of the other myriad of reasons and that are just a part of life.

Also, most life travel happens not in the 100 top cities, at city centers or near airports, but they occur in the other 89,800 cities, towns and villages. And the majority of those events aren’t downtown or near an airport.   The other thing that these trips have in common is that they are primarily by car (if time permits), versus by air.

The needs of the life traveler are different than that of the vacation and business traveler and Solutionz Innovations is solving it with our new TripProximity Toolkit™.