Who We Are

Based in Tampa, FL, Solutionz Group is a female-owned and led, purpose-driven innovator. We empower philanthropy through travel.

Solutionz Group, a trailblazer at the crossroads of travel, hospitality, and technology, is dedicated to creating smart tools that enhance productivity, effectiveness, and philanthropic legacies for businesses, organizations, and non-profits. The company's flagship brand, TravelingToGive empowers everyone to become a philanthropist by simplifying the process of booking accommodations near desired locations while giving back to their favorite non-profit organizations.

The company is founded by travel and hospitality industry pioneer Chicke Fitzgerald  along with a team of esteemed hospitality, travel, philanthropy, and visionary business leaders who are also investors in the company.

What We Do

Solutionz Group creates smart tools to help businesses, organizations, and non-profits be more productive, work more effectively, and leave legacies through giving. We've reimagined travel by making it a vehicle for giving back. Our flagship brand, TravelingToGive empowers everyone to become a philanthropist by making it easy for people to book places to stay near where they have to be while giving back to their favorite non-profit organizations.

How We Do It

With our simple "click, travel, give" button through our TravelingToGive brand, we transform travel plans into opportunities for charitable contributions, turning ordinary journeys into acts of kindness.

Give Back and Earn Revenue While You Sleep

We connect people with easy-to-install Smart Tools. Our dynamic tools boost productivity and serve travelers who need to stay overnight near their intended destinations. Plus, we give back with every trip.

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Solutionz Gives Back

Solutionz is committed to empowering philanthropy through everyday travel. As a company, our heartbeat is to give. We proudly support US military veterans, active duty service members, and anti-human trafficking organizations and double our donations to these charities to 50%.
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Make getting there easy
I believe in the integrity of this platform, its founders, and founding members. Their heart for trafficked people, for Justice, and for God compels me to partner with them in this endeavor. God bless you guys for what you do!
- Dr. Katariina RosenblattFounder
Using TravelingToGive for my non-profit is a no-brainer!
- Natalie K.Co-Founder
This is too easy! I keep thinking that I’ve got to make this harder!
- Steve S.CEO & Founder
Everyone is excited about the partnership and we are looking forward to marketing TravelingToGive and getting our audience booking through our portal!
- Robbie R.CEO