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You’re well-connected.

Are you the person that everyone comes to for recommendations? Are you frequently making introductions and connecting people within your network? Would you like to be compensated for your efforts?

There are two ways you can get involved. 

  1. Refer a friend and be compensated 5% of the revenue from completed stays of the Partners you refer (see full details below).
Refer a Friend

   2. Become a Channel Partner and be compensated 10% of the revenue from completed stays of the Partners you onboard and engage. 

        Do you know decision-makers in:

    • B2B and B2C organizations
    • Enterprise CRM
    • Events, Festivals, Ticketing, Sports & Entertainment
    • Healthcare, Health services, Wellness
    • Non-profit organizations

What is in it for you?

  1. Bring more value to your trusted community and help them earn more revenue.
  2. Make money while you sleep.
  3. Provide a service to your network that can be implemented in minutes and becomes part of their lifestyle.

The Company Culture

Solutionz follows these values and principles and expects our Channel Partners to support them:

  1. Clear communication at all levels
  2. Have the ability to implement innovative ideas and collaborate to drive change
  3. Work collaboratively, giving credit where credit is due
  4. Tenacity and willingness to do whatever is needed to succeed
  5. Embrace Servant Leadership
  6. Be purpose driven – giving of your time, talents and your treasures

By registering as a Channel Partner of Solutionz, the Channel Partner agrees that you have read and understood these values.








Channel Partner Agreement

Getting Started

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If you would like to speak with someone about Channel Partnership before registering, please book a time HERE .

If you’ve been a Solutionz Channel Partner before June 1, 2020, please re-register. Click here to connect with our team. 

If you are ready to go, register by clicking on the link below.


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