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Terms and Conditions

Who is an ideal Channel Partner?

  1. You are a trusted resource for enterprise software companies – CRM, Calendaring, Contact Management, Sales Enablement, Ticketing & Registration/Event Tech, Health Care Tech, Non-Profit Tech
  2. You are a trusted resource for large B2B publishers of events, companies, venues that want to attract attendees/visitors face to face
  3. You work with non-profits and purpose driven companies to raise money for them to benefit one or more 501c3 entities

What is in it for you?

  1. Add value to your existing offering to your network with minimal investment of time – product can be activated in minutes or hours, not days, weeks and months
  2. Make money while you sleep
  3. Give your network the ability to make money and donations while they sleep

You have been invited to be a Solutionz Channel Partner

If you have been a channel partner of Solutionz Innovations prior to June 1, 2020, you will need to re-register and attend one of our training sessions.  Our session dates will be published on our Channel Partner Community.  You should have received an invitation once you confirmed your registration as a Channel Partner.

  1. Read and agree to the Company Values and our Channel Partner Agreement
  2. Review the privacy policy and the general Terms and Conditions for our booking system (these are not included in the downloadable version of this Agreement)
  3. Click on the Register button
  4. Solutionz will contact you within 1 business day to give you access to the private Community, provide you your referral code for new clients and schedule training

The Company Culture

This diagram outlines our values, our culture and the legacy that we want to leave as a Company.

Solutionz expects our Channel Partners to support these values:

  1. Clear communication at all levels
  2. Have the ability to implement innovative ideas and collaborate to drive change
  3. Work collaboratively, giving credit where credit is due
  4. Tenacity and willingness to do whatever is needed to succeed
  5. Embrace Servant Leadership
  6. Be purpose driven – giving of your time, talents and your treasures

By registering as a Channel Partner of Solutionz, the Channel Partner agrees that you have read and understood these values.









If you register as a channel partner for Solutionz, you further agree to the following commitment in fulfillment of this Agreement:

Our team brings a very strong work ethic and personal ethics that uphold honesty, confidentiality, trust and respect of others as keys to success.  This includes holding all confidential information derived from the Company or its Prospects or Clients in confidence and not disclosing any information that is deemed confidential or proprietary.
I/We promise never to lie, cheat or steal and we will hold our associates and our partners accountable to this ethical standard.   This includes not competing with the Company, nor circumventing the Company by working directly with its Customers and not through one of the Solutionz entities.  It also includes honoring the Company’s intellectual property, work product and inventions.
I/We will say what we mean and mean what we say.  This includes consistently honoring appointments, meetings, work deadlines, deliverables and commitments.

Channel Partner Agreement

General Terms & Conditions

Getting Started

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