Solutionz does not require a signed contract to use our SmartTrip tools. Any company, non-profit, group or individual may register and build your own tools at no charge using our patent pending portal.

Revenue sharing and donations depend on the level achieved by the Partner and by the model you choose – royalties plus donations or a donations-only model. To learn about the various levels, click HERE to schedule a brief call.


For accounts that use our self-service portal to register and build their account, our General Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy apply once they activate their first tool. We do not require a signed contract.

Self Service Registration


Non-profit organizations registered with the Internal Revenue Service will need to register in order to be eligible for the quarterly donation for bookings made using the SmartTrip tools.

Non-Profit Agreement

For-Profit and Enterprise

Enterprise clients include the sites and systems that people use daily (CRM, Calendaring, Contact Management, Event Ticketing & Registration and publishers of content sites with lists of events, venues and companies).


For-Profit and Enterprise Agreement
The General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Terms apply to the use of our SmartTrip tools for all types of accounts.

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