George Lynch

George was a part of the original co-founder team, while also leading an important effort to eradicate human slavery at Traffick911, While no longer active with Solutionz, he remains a supporter and the vestiges of his branding work are still present today, from the use of the map pin in our brand family to the presence of Proximo, a character that George birthed in our early days of building out our platform. For those that followed Travelocity, George was the branding genius behind that brand and the creation of the roaming gnome, who has survived the test of time in Travelocity advertising.

George is a relentless problem solver who thrills at making a difference. He is a gifted collaborator known for winning diverse partner loyalty and creating a shared purpose to effectuate large scale community improvements. He is an adventurous learner who leverages varied life experiences to bring new perspectives to tough issues. In all that he does, he is a compelling catalyst who grows compassion and action.

We were grateful to have George on our startup team, leveraging the fact that this dedicated entrepreneur allowed the team to be focused on generating resources for good, while breaking norms on travel technology and business models for giving back.