Chief Customer Officer and Investor
Jan Doerter

Jan has recently re-joined Solutionz after retiring from Wells Fargo, where she was VP of Business Support. Chicke and Kerri used their powers of persuasion to pull her out of retirement to participate in the re-launch of TravelingToGive. Jan and Chicke have worked together for over 40 years and once Chicke left corporate life, the two of them have hired one another on multiple occasions on a consulting basis. Kerri and Jan have also known one another for more than 30 years. Coming back together on this venture was a natural!

Jan brings rich background in multi-channel distribution, product development, business analysis, process and procedure, client and supplier relations, contract negotiations and change/project management. Her versatility in working at a board level, while still able to build teams and manage outsourced partners is unparalleled.

Jan started her career in the travel industry with several regional travel agencies and met Chicke in 1982 in Kansas City when they were both working with a large agency there. Jan’s travel tech experience began at TWA, which morphed into a role with PARS and Worldspan, the marketing technology spinoffs of the airline. Jan and Kerri were both with Worldspan and Jan was instrumental in recruiting Chicke, where they both worked on a merger with Amadeus and Abacus and the integration of the Delta Datas II and PARS systems when Delta, Northwest and TWA formed Worldspan (now known as Travelport).

Jan held various consulting roles with Barfield Cauthen, IBM and Walt Disney Travel Company and Ernst & Young, followed by a stint with Solutionz assisting on several million dollar projects, including Carlson 24k, Intel and In 2003 she joined American Express, as director of distribution strategy. She also worked at Macy’s as an executive liaison and then ended her time in Phoenix with Wells Fargo.

Jan earned her Bachelors in Business at Kennesaw State University after doing undergrad work at the University of Kansas.vestor