Chief Financial Officer, Chief Success Officer and Investor
Neeta Solanki

Neeta holds the positions of Fractional CFO and Chief Success Officer at Solutionz, leading international business development with over 25 years of diverse expertise in change management with people, technology, accounting, financial reporting, marketing, process improvement, scenario planning and analytics.
Dedicated to Solutionz’s strategic growth and team success, Neeta fosters a positive mindset and know-how among the team. In her corporate tenure, she spearheaded enterprise-wide technology implementations, played a pivotal role in IBM Channel Partners’ European shift to cloud for their planning analytics software, and left the corporate world in 2017.
In 2020, Neeta introduced a unique Business Coaching framework merging accounting and streamlined processes for sustainable growth. With a proactive approach, she collaborates with diverse teams prioritizing inclusion and creativity. Beyond her professional role, she integrates holistic therapy and life coaching for team wellbeing, contributing to a healthy work environment where challenges are viewed as solvable puzzles, promoting positivity and enjoyment.