Marketing Strategy
Timothy Morgan

Timothy is the newest member of the Solutionz Executive team. As a business owner and community leader since 1993, he brings a wealth of traditional and digital marketing experience to his role as Chief Marketing Officer. He also brings to the table a trusted marketing network that has the resources to help Solutionz achieve not only the fastest path to value, but also the fastest path to cash.

Timothy has a unique skill of seeing deeper patterns in consumer behavior and client/partner actions. He will be helping us to amp up our branding, visibility, promotion and to crystalize the marketing assumptions behind our financial projections, strengthening our strategic foundation.

As the founder of the Giver Marketing Network, Timothy will work with the other executives in the Partner Circle to strengthen our messaging and help our partners make a difference in local communities and beyond through the use of the Giver Marketing Blueprint.

He resides in Oregon with his family and is passionate about helping his community grow.