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You have started your business, so now what? How will you continue to thrive your business and survive? 

In this 32 mins Podcast conversation with Denise Cooper we talk about sustainable growth and much more.

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Closing the Gap with Denise Cooper

What does career progression look like for Founders & CEOs? (Released 28th July 2022)


In this free flow Instagram Live we talk about using data to make better decisions, the importance of a SWOT analysis when a business has reached plateau, how productivity is an individual thing and the importance of well-being for the Business Owner.

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IG Live Podcast Host

Zishan Khan (Recorded 17th May 2022)


“Where has people’s resilience gone?” “How did being made redundant from IBM become your catalyst?” “What results and benefits do clients get from your coaching?” “Do you find where Business Plans can be set in place, but are not right for the business?”

These are some of the amazing questions Toni Lontis asked me during this 45 mins live TV show filmed in Australia.

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Toni Lontis TV Show YouTube Channel

Every Day Business Show featuring Neeta Solanki


I have known parents whose children committed suicide.  I experienced a family member killing herself after her mum died when she was 18.  This does not qualify me to understand you, your thoughts, all I can do is share my experience, my resilience, to give you the strength and a feeling of belonging. 

However, remember you are not alone, this is an emotional episode where I don’t mention what I do, more about who I am.

Listen to this 20 mins interview with Shola Bababtunde on her SmilingFaces21 Podcast.

SmilingFaces21 Pod Cast

Why Suicide, Why Not & Life (Episode 12, Recorded 3rd December 2021)


What pain points are you seeing today’s Entrepreneurs being faced with? 
How does one stand out from the crowd? 
What are the “must haves” if someone is thinking about starting their business? 
These are just some of the questions addressed in this informative live conversation with Dr Kasthuri Henry. 

She introduces her “Unleash Your Inner Goldilocks” story in the first 13mins. Click here to watch on the Facebook Live, 1hr

Financial Fitness

Unleash Your Inner Goldilocks


Here I talk with Brigitte Bojkowszky about my brand story. “Don’t let others define you”

This quote ties nicely into the title of this episode ‘Don’t let others define you’ as you are fully in control by stepping into your courage, claiming your power and owning your brilliance. This leads to authenticity and builds long-term trustworthy relationship with your clients, business partners and every single person. 

Available directly on Bridget’s website, 47 minutes.

Don't Let Others Define You

Bridget Brands Podcast


“Don’t do any task just because it has always been done”

This was the first piece of advice I was given when I started my first full time role.  Read my short story published by LeadHerShip Global. 

Asking Questions to Drive Efficiency and Add Value

LeadHERShip Stories, (Published 11th September 2021)


A laser focused chat with Gresham Harkless about my CEO hacks, CEO nuggets and what being a CEO means to me. Available via Apple PodcastSpotifyPodBean or directly on Gresham’s “I AM CEO“ website, 17 minutes.

CEO Hack

I AM CEO, (Recording ID: IAM1115, 1st September 2021)

Do you want to learn how to scale your business faster and easier?  To become aware of some of the critical factors that need to be considered? Watch my 30 minutes Masterclass hosted by LeadHERShip Global.

CEOBusiness Made Simple, Scale Faster & EasierHack

LeadHERShip Global Masterclass, (Webinar Event 10th August 2021)


Here talk about my journey from corporate life to inspiring women to take a balanced approach to success in life and in business.  Available via Apple Podcast and YouTube, 45 minutes.

My Journey from corporate life to becoming my own CEO

Birth Your Vision Podcast, (Recording ID: Season 5 Episode 23, 18th May 2021)


Here I talk about my framework at a high level on how to breakthrough those business fears to grow, 50 minutes.

Breakthrough Business Fears to Elevate

Unleash your Lioness, (Facebook Live 5th July 2021)