Who We Are

Based in Tampa, FL, Solutionz Group is a majority woman-owned and led, purpose-driven innovator dedicated to helping organizations and non-profits boost productivity and revenues, foster engagement, work more efficiently, and create legacies through charitable giving. We help our partners transform everyday travelers into philanthropists.

Our Unique Value Proposition

Travel is fundamental to life, and when being there matters, we get
people where they need to be simply and easily. The added benefit
with each trip booked is a platform for giving back – TravelingToGive,
where smart meets heart.

Solutionz donates 10% of our revenue per booking to a client’s charity of choice. They travel.  We give.

No other industry competitors have a business model that includes a travel point-of-sale social and humanitarian impact component. Giving back is core to who we are.

Our Advantage

Our portfolio of smart tools is highly portable, flexible, and easy to integrate appealing to a wide range of industries. The markets we serve include care and non-profit, the event industry, enterprise software (B2B) and media/publishing companies (B2C).   

Our smart trip and giving tools deliver context, convenience, and choice to our clients and their customers and travelers. Relevance and giving back is our differentiator.

Near Immediate ROI

Our patent-pending smart trip and giving tools can be configured and implemented the same day for an immediate revenue opportunity. Implementation takes minutes or hours, not days, weeks, or months to add value and impact without time-consuming development. As a result, we can be integrated quickly to drive engagement and convert travelers at a much lower cost, producing higher than average revenue per trip, daily room rate, and longer lengths of stay than the industry average. The charitable aspect of our business model goes into effect with the first booking.

How Does It Work

Travel is not always driven by business or a planned vacation. Imagine you are using your calendar system to attend a last-minute or unexpected out-of-town event. What if your calendar offers integrated hotel search, in proximity to your event, as well as provides the elapsed driving time and directions? What if it also helped you rent a car or buy an airline ticket? Imagine if your website navigation could be updated simply and easily without the help of a webmaster or programmer to deliver location-based content on every trip confirmation, automatically and with a charitable component. This is the power of Solutionz Smart Trip Planning and our flagship TravelingToGive platform.

Investor Snapshot

Key Investors

Global Fintech Executive
Global Travel Tech Executives
National Charity Executives

Business Stage

  • Patent pending 3rd generation market tested technology
  • At revenue generation with higher than industry average metrics on KPIs
  • Solid, experienced team to prepare to scale, pending funding

The Investment

  • 60k hours of sweat equity from team, advisors & board
  • $523k Seed Funding including executive team investment

Sales Approach

We reach high-intent travelers by plugging our smart trip tools into the sites and systems they use every day and for each event booked.

Target platforms include CRM, Content Management, Calendaring, Ticketing and Registration, Media Sites, and Web Building tools.

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