Chicke Fitzgerald, CEO of Solutionz Has Been Named A Member of The Hero Club

October 12, 2023
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New York, NY – June 6, 2019 – The Hero Club, an invitation-only membership organization for CEOs, founders and investors, is announcing that Chicke Fitzgerald has been chosen to become a member and join other elite business leaders who share values of integrity and transparency.

The Hero Club’s mission is to empower CEOs with the right resources, relationships, education, and experiences that drive change and elevate their businesses above the competition. Each member is carefully vetted to ensure they strive to provide leadership that communicates a clear vision and mission that permeates throughout their own company. Hero leaders share their success and wealth with everyone, have a servant’s mentality towards their employees, clients, causes and organizations and engage in practices where all business units can apply to run a more efficient operation.

“I love what the Hero Club stands for.  It is a perfect match for our values as a company” said Fitzgerald.   “I am looking forward to the learning from other CEOs in the group.”

Fitzgerald has been a resident of Tampa for 19 years and founded Solutionz in 1996.  The company began as a strategic advisory services firm. She has recently launched a new venture known as TripProximity, knitting smart trip tools into the systems that people use every day.  She is also an author of The Game Changer, a business fable and is a podcast host.  Her show, The Game Changer, will soon launch on the C-Suite Radio network.  She will be speaking at next week’s C-Suite Network Thought Summit in San Francisco on Strategic Podcasting – How to make podcasting work immediately with or without an audience or advertisers.

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About The Hero Club

The Hero Club is an invitation-only membership organization for CEOs, founders, and investors.

Our members lead by putting humanity at the forefront in their business, where the metrics of success are measured beyond profit. We believe in the values of leading with integrity, transparency, serving our communities and sharing in our success. Along with operational excellence, this enables our members to grow faster, smarter, and more sustainably – what we call, The Hero Factor. Together, we empower great leaders with the right resources, relationships, education, and experiences in order to drive change and take our member companies to the next level.

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Since 1996, we’ve brought innovative thought to the challenges facing the travel and technology industries. Solutionz is the smart trip tech leader behind the TripProximity smart trip tools. TripProximity is a B2B tool that integrates online trip planning next to “the reason” motivating the trip. We help businesses, venues and events better serve visitors who need a hotel nearby and we enhance enterprise systems that are used regularly by potential travelers. TripProximity’s innovative distribution strategy and technology capabilities set it apart from the rest. More at and

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