Vector Trust invests in the power of the entrepreneurial mind with Solutionz Innovations and its smart trip tool

October 12, 2023
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TAMPA, FL May 28, 2019  —  Solutionz Innovations, an industry-leading travel tech firm, today announced Vector Trust’s investment in the Company’s management-led seed round. Vector, led by Operating Principal Tim Horton, is investing an undisclosed sum.

Chicke Fitzgerald, Solutionz CEO and Founder

Solutionz founder and CEO, Chicke Fitzgerald, formed Solutionz Innovations as a tech incubator, focused on building both a unique trip planning toolkit, as well as tools for sales teams that could be marketed to companies in other sectors. Today, Solutionz’ two leading ventures are TripProximity™ and TravelingToGive™.

TripProximity™ is a patent pending flagship product that adds trip planning tools to the sites people already use to manage their life events – everything from graduations and reunions; to concerts and museums; to births and deaths. And because TripProximity™ allows site owners to capture travel income on their own platforms, it increases ROI at minimal cost. Fitzgerald added, “We give enterprise platforms and publishers new ways to monetize their existing users and to enrich the value of their tools and content for their customers, the end travelers.”

TravelingToGive™ is a trip planning tool that enables companies, non-profits and their supporters to book travel while raising additional revenue for the charities they support.

Vector brings considerable expertise from its investment in a spectrum of tech companies, as well as Horton’s background in the broadcast media sector, which is a primary target for Solutionz.

“When I met Tim and heard about how Vector Trust harnesses the power of the entrepreneurial mind, I was totally intrigued” said Fitzgerald. “Not all investors seem to fully value what founders are able to accomplish during the early stage of building a company. Vector Trust is different, because they both invest and have started and operated their own portfolio of companies.”

Horton is not only putting his money where his mouth is, he is also investing his time to work with the executive team, literally rolling up his sleeves on business development.  “I believe that relationship capital is one of the most vital things I can bring to Solutionz. The product really sells itself, so my task is to significantly accelerate the company’s growth by tapping my universe of connections. Everyone that I know wants better, frictionless trip planning and these smart trip technology tools seamlessly do exactly that.” said Horton.

ABOUT SOLUTIONZ.  Since 1996, Solutionz has brought innovative thinking to the challenges facing the travel and technology industries. Its clients are enterprise software companies, publishers, venues, events and non-profits. The company helps them solve problems and make valuable contributions to their bottom lines — as well as the charities they support. The core business is our TripProximity™ smart trip technology, which we integrate into the systems that people use every day. We leave a legacy by giving back with each trip taken.

ABOUT THE VECTOR TRUST. https://www.vectortrust/.  The Vector Trust LLC is private entity, operating as a diversified holding company with a footprint across 4 continents and a presence in 9 countries. Each operating unit is an independent business unit, supporting each other with professional, technical and industry specific expertise. The Vector Trust is spreading, by example, the message of economic empowerment, free-market capitalism, open-borders to trade and the power of the entrepreneurial mind.

TripProximity Contact:  Chicke Fitzgerald  813-925-0789 x3